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5 Days Mt Kenya Sirimon Route

Day1: Nairobi - Nanyuki

5 Days Mt Kenya Sirimon Route starts from Leaving Nairobi at 7.00am for 4 hours drive to Nanyuki town for lunch, dinner and overnight at Simba's lodge Hotel/Sport Man Arms/Mt Kenya safari club. This is the best place for first day acclimatization since this town is located at the base of Mt Kenya. Spend the evening trekking around Equator where some men in the Equator point will demonstrate to you how you detect that you are exactly at the Equator point. There are other attractions in this town like P.C.E.A NANYUKI SPINNERS & WEAVERS (A WOMEN SELF HELP PROJECT).This is traditional industry for making wall mats, table mat's, scuffs and sweaters and they colour their products using the natural dye. They use leaves of plants like Mexican marigold, black jack, cactus, worms like amphids and many other small insects that feed on cactus leaves and many other plants. Each plant produce different colour and it depends on the boiling time. They don't use chemicals. Really, this is interesting to see.


Game to view includes: lion, elephant, cheetah, leopard black rhino, zebra, gazelle, oryx and some of the rarer antelope, Lesser Kudu and duiker, also the more common Dik Dik, one of Africa's smallest antelope. Large prides of lion can be seen and some of Kenya's largest herds of buffalo. The rivers abound with hippo and crocodile, fishing for barbus and catfish is permitted at camp sites and along the Tana River. In the mid 1980's, the Park suffered from poaching, however KWS armed wildlife security patrols have driven out the poachers and the elephant population has stabilised with breeding herds settling down.

Over 300 species of birds have been recorded, including: Red-necked falcon, Heuglins courser, brown-backed woodpecker, sunbirds Peter's Finfoot, inhabiting the Murera and Ura Rivers; Pel's Fishing Owl, kingfishers, rollers, bee-eaters, starlings and weavers.

The Park is most famous as the setting for Joy Adamson's book "Born Free", the story of the Adamson's life and research amongst lion and cheetah. "Elsa" the lioness was the most well-known and her grave is marked here. There is one lodge (132 beds) and two tented camps are planned. There are 8 special campsites which must be pre-booked, one public campsites;Elsa camp, KWS self-help bandas and Leopard Rock bands.

There are two routes to Meru national park from Nairobi. The first is the main road via Nyeri, Nanyuki and Meru, the second is via Embu-Meru road. It offers the best approach via the Ura gate. Dry weather route from Meru is through Mathara and Kangeta towards Maua turning left on the Kinna road leading to the National park gate. There are airstrips and leopard rock or Meru Mulika lodge.